Message from the Desk of Chairman

Respected, parents, Staffs & Well Wishers
Its my great pleasure to wish you all the best from the desk of Chairman of this institution. Since the very beginning of its establishment, we have been imparting value based education to the learners. your immense love, co-operation and regular support has brought this institution at this height. We believe in academic excellence through quality education.

This institution is such a platform where learners can dream for their bright future career. We don’t feed the learners rather we inspire and motivate them so that they explore the inherent qualities buried within them. I would like to give special thanks for the dedication of our faculty who are really pains taking and treat our learners as their own children. We nurture our learners in child-friendly environment so that they can feel free to explore their world from within.
At last but not the least I am very thankful to all the well wishers who directly & indirectly supported us for the fulfillment of our vision, mission and goals.


Mr. Hari Bahadur Thapa